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Name] Amber
Nickname] n/a
Birthdate and Age] Dec. 4th. 20
How did you find random_ratings?] sm_villains
Hobbies] Reading, writting, daydreaming, shopping.
Talents] Acting, making graphics, being a bitch.
Likes] Dark chocolate, chocolate, chocolate milk, cats, Harry Potter books, Sailor Moon, being warm.
Dislikes] White chocolate, those damn Honda commericals with "mister oppertunity", idiots, dogs, Ana Lucia from Lost.
Strengths] Passionate, bold, intelligent...
Weaknesses] Suck at spelling, sarcastic, uber bitch

How do your friends describe you? Nuts.
What has been the most random moment of your life? A friend and I were watching tv and one of those Burger King commericals came on, the ones where the burgers spun at the camara. One of us, I think it was my friend, went "I AM A BURGER!" really loudly. It was the most random and yet hilarious thing ever.
What are you thinking about right now? Another random memory about my Step-father finding a dead squirrel on the front porch and he kicked it off. I remember practically doubling over in laughter for some reason.
Another random thing in my life is I was sort of sick with a cold and on cold medicine. My friend and I were at Books-a-Million where her mom worked in the cafe and I was looking out the window. For some random reason I said to my friend in all seriousness "wouldn't it be funny if someone walked up and sneezed on this window?" Its been something of a running joke between us since then.

Favorite Color] Red, black, pink, grey.
Favorite Junk Food Snack] Chocolate
Favorite Writing Utensil] Pen
Favorite Word] Spork
Favorite "your mom" joke] I don't really know. XP
Favorite 90s Song] I don't know...um, "Erotica" by Madonna
Favorite Fabric] Super-soft flannel.
Favorite Shoe {no, really... your favorite shoe}] Mary Janes


Hyper or Calm? Both
Leader or Follower? Leader
Logical or Impulsive? Impulsive
Conservative or All-out? Allllll out baby~
Any goal in life? Babykins!
Have you ever had an imaginary friend? Several
What was her/his/it's name? I forget
What did they look like? same as above
Have you ever picked your nose? Who hasn't? o_o
Eaten it? Ewws
Think of a word, and then type it here. Spork
Open up Google, and type that word in the image search. Post the picture here. (or a link)

Why did you think of this word? Sporks amuse me
CHICKEN MC FLURRIES. With sprinkles? :D
What should we add to the application? Potatoes.

Anything Else?

[this is where you put a picture of yourself. yes, you. we want to seeeee youuuuuuuuu!! If you don't want to, then please describe your features. Since that'd be neat and stuff like that.]
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