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"Nananana … BATMAN!"

Name] Amanda. ^_^
Nickname] Panda, Wallnut, and Wierdo.
Birthdate and Age] June 29th, 1991/15.
How did you find random_ratings?] Searching around!
Hobbies] Writing, acting like a retard, quoting movies, dancing alone in my room, sleeping, doodling, chorus, listening to music, playing video games, going to friend's house, seeing movies, and reading.
Talents] Hrm … singing and writing.
Likes] Anime, themeparks, sports, music, going shopping, video games, hanging out with friends, sleeping, The Clash, Morning Musume, sleeping, rollerblading, going places, skipping school, Ayumi Hamasaki, Hello Kitty things, new clothes, the thought of going to Chicago, Battle Royale, writing, mangas, doodling, and seeing movies.
Dislikes] Clowns, not being able to swim, diet rootbeer, spiders, snakes, water, going to hospitals, and school.
Strengths] I'm very unique, intelligent, optimistic, forgiving, and artistic.
Weaknesses] Pessimistic (sometimes), easily frightened, and a giant procrastinator.

How do your friends describe you? Odd.
What has been the most random moment of your life? Um, everyday at school because of a girl I know who changes the discussion topic.
What are you thinking about right now? Am I going to get caught?

Favorite Color] Purple.
Favorite Junk Food Snack] Pocky!
Favorite Writing Utensil] Pencil.
Favorite Word] Pie, it's funny.
Favorite "your mom" joke] Your mama's so stupid that she wiped her feet before going outside.
Favorite 90s Song] "Just A Girl" by No Doubt.
Favorite Fabric] Silk.
Favorite Shoe {no, really... your favorite shoe}] Pink Coverse All Stars.


Hyper or Calm? Hyper.
Leader or Follower? Follower.
Logical or Impulsive? Logic.
Conservative or All-out? Conservative.
Any goal in life? Go to college to become a journalist.
Have you ever had an imaginary friend? Yes.
What was her/his/it's name? Bob.
What did they look like? A boy … I don't remember.
Have you ever picked your nose? Yes
Eaten it? Maybe.
Think of a word, and then type it here. Retard
Open up Google, and type that word in the image search. Post the picture here. (or a link)

Why did you think of this word?
I felt like being a "retard". Not funny. I know.
What should we add to the application? Fave band, fave movie, and cuddle buddies. XD

Anything Else? You rock!

[this is where you put a picture of yourself. yes, you. we want to seeeee youuuuuuuuu!! If you don't want to, then please describe your features. Since that'd be neat and stuff like that.]

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