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"" retard!

Name] Claire
Nickname] Wanker *_*, just cause my surname is "wang"
Birthdate and Age] 2nd aug, 17
How did you find random_ratings</lj>?] errr.can't remember, opened too many windows
Hobbies] reading, shopping, watching movies, medieval times, mythology
Talents] draw cute cows, scolding people
Likes] harry potter, LOTR, star wars, cows, wolves, the used, my MP3, nerdy guys XD
Dislikes] bloody narrow minded people, and those know-it-alls
Strengths] creative, smart, strong-willed, optimistic, funny
Weaknesses] stubborn, very hot-temepered, cynical, un-forgiving

How do your friends describe you? violent, a bit motherly, funny, spastic, smart
What has been the most random moment of your life? lalalala, don't know
What are you thinking about right now? that I have shit loads of homework to do and here I am filling out the application :D

Favorite Color] Black, green, dark red
Favorite Junk Food Snack] potato chips, chocolate, jelly beans!
Favorite Writing Utensil] my pen!
Favorite Word] meep
Favorite "your mom" joke] ???
Favorite 90s Song] errr.. Larger than Life by backstreet boys!
Favorite Fabric] Cotton?
Favorite Shoe {no, really... your favorite shoe}] My black pumps and converse sneakers for school!


Hyper or Calm? HYPER!
Leader or Follower? both
Logical or Impulsive? both also..
Conservative or All-out? mostly conservative but sometimes... *wink*
Any goal in life? yup! to be a lawyer and have a great family at the same time
Have you ever had an imaginary friend? wanted to have ):
What was her/his/it's name? nah
What did they look like? -
Have you ever picked your nose? duh..haha
Eaten it? not that I know of..hehe
Think of a word, and then type it here. meep
Open up Google, and type that word in the image search. Post the picture here. (or a link) 

Why did you think of this word? I love it!
What should we add to the application? nope!

Anything Else? nahhhh...teehee

[this is where you put a picture of yourself. yes, you. we want to seeeee youuuuuuuuu!! If you don't want to, then please describe your features. Since that'd be neat and stuff like that.]

i'm the one in green
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