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Name] Rebecca
Nickname] Becca, Becca-doo, Honey-love, Baby, "Oy!"
Birthdate and Age] 3rd October 86, therefore 20.
How did you find random_ratings?] I went to see who had "wtf" as their interest and this was one of them.
Hobbies] photography, drawing/painting, roleplay/acting, reading, guitar (as in, not playing, because I can't play yet), listening to music, watching movies, philosophizing
Talents] singing, drawing, photographing, endless patience when inappropriate
Likes] trippy lights, big snuggly beds, symphonic music, most alternative fashions, mainly grunge and cyberpunk (not that I can actually afford the latter), Indian food, fantasy and historical horror films, swimming, rollerskating, makeup, snow, train stations, the colours grey and brown, ornamental weapons, weird shoes, odd socks, collars, grimy citiscapes, weird hair colours and -styles, funny talkshows, old buildings, piercings, rubber, lots of other random stuff.
Dislikes] the mainstream, war, the news, vomit, hangovers, trains that don't run between 11 PM and six AM (like around here), broccoli, people who do nothing but watch TV, chavs, fake grape flavour, non-diet fizzy drinks (sticky teeth!), martyrdom in the 21st century (on a global political scale or in everyday life), 15 year old boys that yell "LESBOS!" at myself and my girlfriend, full-fat milk, the squirrel in the loft (named Mike), the stink from the pipes, "Flog it!", dieting TV-shows (wtf!?), local townspeople sounding like chickens, people making themselves seem more common in order to not seem "posh", spiders, pigeons, Western people trying to be Japanese (KAWAII!! ^____^!!11!), UK electrical plugs, America, ships, anything big underwater (big starts at about the size of a kid's bicycle), having to get up before 12 PM, useless computer messages, etc.
Strengths] imagination, style, patience,
Weaknesses] inserting foot into mouth unintentionally, being annoying, being loud, pretending to listen when I don't (usually down to people not speaking loudly and me not wanting to offend them by going "HUH!???!!??")

How do your friends describe you? What friends? Oh right, those. Erm... *lets girlfriend dictate* Cute, loud, funny, KIND of intelligent, makes nice cups of tea, fun to be with, caring.. yeah.
What has been the most random moment of your life? Last night when my girlfriend's mother had a go at her for me LIGHTING A CANDLE OMG!!
What are you thinking about right now? The candle.

Favorite Color] brown, grey, green, blue
Favorite Junk Food Snack] McDonald's milkshakes
Favorite Writing Utensil] quill
Favorite Word] Uhm...
Favorite "your mom" joke] *see above* Don't know one, but my gf's mother is the biggest joke in the world.
Favorite 90s Song] Nearly all my favourite songs are from the 90s.
Favorite Fabric] rubber (Denim's hard and cold, as is leather, velvet's nasty to scratch your nails against, silk doesn't give, cotton's boring, fur, fake or otherwise, malts, and rubber stinks, but that doesn't bother me.)
Favorite Shoe {no, really... your favorite shoe}] My left New Rock. The right one's a bit uncomfortable.

lalalalalaaaaaaaaaa~ There's a Staaaarmaaaaan... sorry.

Hyper or Calm? Both. Depending.
Leader or Follower? Both. Depending...
Logical or Impulsive? *yawn* *lol* I sound really bipolar here...
Conservative or All-out? All-out.
Any goal in life? No... maybe. To be famous. ;P
Have you ever had an imaginary friend? Lots and lots and lots.
What was her/his/it's name? There are loads, but a few would be.. Felix (my male self), Vincent (a character my gf came up with), Stephen (a highly intelligent musician).. most of them seem to be male.
What did they look like? Felix looks like me male. The rest... look like.. themselves.. there's shitloads of them, they all look different! They follow the basic principles though. You know, arms, legs, heads, noses...
Have you ever picked your nose? Yes.
Think of a word, and then type it here. Inexorable
Open up Google, and type that word in the image search. Post the picture here. (or a link)
Why did you think of this word? Cause a friend of mine wrote a story about ...well, it had the word in it.
CHICKEN MC FLURRIES. Mashed up chicken? If they did that we'd find heads in there.
What should we add to the application? Do you like to be beside the seaside?

Anything Else? I don't think so.

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