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Name] Natalia
Nickname] Nat, Natty, Cote...
Birthdate and Age] September 15th 1990. Sixteen years old.
How did you find random_ratings?] Some affiliate of yours.
Hobbies] Tae Kwon Do; Painting; Drawing; Writing; Movies; Hanging out with friends; "Playing Guitar"; Taking pictures; Origami; reading; writing; Listening to music; going to see live music; Watching TV; Eating; Cooking; watching FILMS...
Talents] arts & crafts, drawing, origami...
Likes] everthing stated in "hobbies"; different languages and cultures; Reading; cinema; films; radio; cine de arte; arts &; crafts; manga; randomness; rainy days; hail; flying spaghetti monster; pastafarians; eel, learning new things...
Dislikes] Oppression, corrupt politicians, unnecessary violence, wars, exploitation, stupidity, extreme ignorance without even curiousity to learn, obsessions, addictions, drugs, hypocrisy, narcissism, humanity's self-centeredness, global warming, animal cruelty, shallowness...
Strengths] I'm pretty clever and helpful to people who are in need. I have a sense of humour and I'm very creative too. I'm analytical, curious and I love to learn.
Weaknesses] I'm really stubborn and proud. Being an only child, I tend to be selfish and spoiled.

How do your friends describe you? According to my Johari window, it seems that I'm pretty friendly and intelligent. It also seems that I'm mature, but I know that at times I am not. (Spoiled brat much?)
What has been the most random moment of your life? Once I randomly hugged a stranger. @_@ He was kind of weirded out. It was still fun.
What are you thinking about right now? Hmmm... maybe my life is too random to have just posted one moment @_@;

Favorite Color] Gray :D
Favorite Junk Food Snack] Ewww, junk food. Well, ok, chocolate chip Mrs. Field's cookies :D
Favorite Writing Utensil] PENCIL :D OMG TEH PENCIL TEH R0XX0RZ
Favorite Word] "fictionary" IT EXISTS, I SWEAR...
Favorite "your mom" joke] "Your mom's so dirty that when she took a bath Greenpeace went on strike"
Favorite 90s Song] Pennyroyal Tea - Nirvana
Favorite Fabric] Cotton 8D
Favorite Shoe {no, really... your favorite shoe}] My right brown patches converse shoe 8D


Hyper or Calm? Calm with nervous outbursts?
Leader or Follower? Leader 8D
Logical or Impulsive? Logical xD
Conservative or All-out? Conservative but tolerant? With a tad of rebellion, of course ;D
Any goal in life? FILM DIRECTOR :D
Have you ever had an imaginary friend? Yeah. I actually had so many imaginary friends, I decided to store them all in an imaginary laptop.
What was her/his/it's name? I said I had too many. Some of them were Doll, Sandy, Magenta, Pink, Green, etc...
What did they look like? People. Or colored animals. @_@
Have you ever picked your nose? Yeah.
Eaten it? Salty. Yummm.
Think of a word, and then type it here. CUCKOO!
Open up Google, and type that word in the image search. Post the picture here. (or a link)

Why did you think of this word? This is a random community. Why is this question even asked?
CHICKEN MC FLURRIES. EWWWWWWWWW. McDonald's is pure evil. Ever see Supersize-me?
What should we add to the application? Rainbow sprinkles 8D

Anything Else? I bite my nails.

[this is where you put a picture of yourself. yes, you. we want to seeeee youuuuuuuuu!! If you don't want to, then please describe your features. Since that'd be neat and stuff like that.]
Ok, here goes one mad sexy pic:

Oops, I mean:

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