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the home of random ratings

where YOU can be a soda can.

The only place with hemorrhoid cream as a stamp.
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Hey, chiibiusa here. Okay, yes, this is a joke rating community. Please don't take yourself seriously here. My best friend, demeter and I got this idea to make a rating community in which nobody knows what they could be stamped as, save for really random objects.

Join the community in order to post
LOLZ, don't fight.
Really, don't take yourself seriously.
No promoting, please.
You can vote even if you haven't been stamped/posted an application.

Complete the form that follows with any answers you wish to give.
People will immediately begin stamping you with whatever comes to mind.
If you don't like your result, you can re-apply.
Put "" in the subject line so we know you read this.

DO NOT VOTE ANYTHING VULGAR - this includes posting porn, bloody stuff, and general nasty shit. You post that, you're banned.
Please bold your votes.
You don't have to explain your vote if you don't want to -- this is random_ratings.
You don't have to be stamped or posted an application to start voting.
One vote will stamp an application.


Stamps that have been given out
1. dogleish| John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shampoo
2. thrives| Lord Hamster
3. prophecygirl13| Punk Squirrel
4. nemesisz| A blue scooter
5. rosylyn| Pink Hair Extension
6. candieskulls| Comb
7. framedinblood| Broom
8. someplacexsafe| A vacuum cleaner
9. honeybun14| A Computer
10. jetzgirl118| Fireball candy
11. nyazers| Coffee
12. _veneanar| A Window
13. jacquesmoineau| A headdress


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